About Us

XenoDATA™ Partners is a boutique management consulting firm partnering with you on making your data strategy successful. We strive to understand your core data issues through a business lens, and partner with leading technology providers to achieve these goals both in an implementation and advisory capacity. Companies cannot afford investments in technologies that do not produce results. XenoDATA™ Partners work to empower teams with strategies and technologies that drive financial results.

Our services include data strategy advisory, data product development, and analytics implementations


To help companies unlock their data potential through the design, implementation, and execution of a comprehensive, unified data strategy.


To create a world where rapid business transformation is possible through the power of data.



When it comes to solving your data needs, we believe in creating real, authentic solutions. For this very reason, we’ve created a company designed to develop and implement your data strategy. Unlike other companies who simply sell strategy, we believe in executing our plan to give you dependable solutions with genuine results. As we work to develop one-of-a-kind solutions tailored to your company, you won’t find generic, cookie-cutter strategies. When you partner with XenoDATA Partners, expect original ideas with reliable results.


Our work is designed to provide profound value to your organization. As we partner with your company to discover your deepest pain points, our team will devise customized solutions to ensure our work provides a significant benefit to your company. From how you currently think about your data to helping you achieve your data dreams, XenoDATA Partners brings you immense value in your specific area of need. We’re here to help.


When you’re working with complex data sets, nothing is more important than selecting a partner you can trust. When you partner with XenoDATA Partners, we work to build trust every step of the way. By listening to your needs, developing a plan of action and delivering results, we take deep pride and responsibility in maintaining our word and commitment to your success. When you’re unclear, have questions or want to revisit your data strategy, we’re always here to help. Our goal is to be a true extension of your company so that you deepen your confidence and belief in our abilities based on our commitment to you.


With 10+ years of developing an expertise in leveraging data, XenoDATA Partners has worked on strategic, operational, financial and client issues in a variety of verticals.

  • Fierce Confidence In Your Data

    In an increasingly competitive, global landscape you need to be able to trust your data. With numerous and disparate datasets at your company, uncertainty can creep into your data at any time. But it can be prevented to help restore confidence in your data. And XenoDATA Partners is here to help.

  • Quicker, Informed Decision-Making

    In order to make the most informed decisions possible, organizations need data that is instant, reliable and easily accessible without the complex burdens of piecing together clunky datasets. Our team of experts ensures that your data quality will be pristine to help you make faster, reliable decisions with confidence.

  • Deep Analytical Insights

    When it comes to Business Intelligence, there is a lot that you can learn about your organization if your data is being used correctly. While data analysis can seem overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be anymore. Our team is able to help you understand what your data is telling you to give you a solid understanding of the power of analytics.

  • Decrease In Data Redundancy

    With multiple versions of the truth floating around in various silos, it’s easy for teams to be capturing the same data over and over again without even knowing it. By aligning and consolidating your data strategy, you can instantly decrease redundancy in your data.

  • Increased Efficiency

    As you implement a data strategy, your team will be crystal clear on what they need to achieve and how to accomplish it. With a unified architecture in place, gone are the days of duplication and unproductive processes. Not only will you have stronger efficiencies, but your team will have more time to invest in other mission-critical projects.

  • Complete Ownership of Data

    Your most powerful asset is your data. As your organization continues to grow, your data will be your roadmap to innovation, development and customer success. By having complete access to your data, you’re able to get answers immediately without waiting on others to access it in a timely manner.

  • Legally Compliant with Global Data Requirements

    Our global landscape is constantly changing, particularly when it comes to data requirements around the world. With the recent change in GDPR, you want to make sure that your data architecture and storage are designed in a way to remain secure, compliant, and protected. Our team can help keep your data safe at all times.

  • Data Transparency Across the Organization

    Think of a moment you tried to access a piece of information to do your job, but were rejected. As we build out your data framework, we’re able to assign the proper permissions to help everyone get their job done, while protecting the security of your data. With immediate access data, all departments will be able to produce stronger results in record-breaking times.

  • Faster Reporting Turnaround Times

    Have you ever had a moment when someone needed a report immediately, but you needed the intervention of three people to make it happen? There is a much better away. As we rethink your data warehouse and design strategy, we’ll be able to help you access the reports you need in a timely manner, leading to faster turnaround times with quicker results.

  • Unified Strategy

    It can be very easy for organizations to change their strategy based on the complex needs of shareholders, the market, and competitive intel. By having a unified data strategy, you’ll be able to easily pivot your corporate strategies and tactics on a solid foundation of data. With the right framework in place, your organization will begin to think about data holistically, which will unify your data strategy right from the beginning.

Leadership Team

Taylor Culver

Founder & Principal Consultant

Taylor Culver has spent the past 10 years developing an expertise in leveraging data across the enterprise. Across multiple successful projects across multiple industries, Taylor has lead successful strategic intiatives and has implemented technologies that have solved critical operational, financial, and client issues while raising the bar for organizational strategy and managing data as a strategic asset.

Advisory Board

XenoDATA™ Partners is proud to bring in house advice that spans multiple domains and industries, all unified by a passion for solving organizational issues with data.

Experienced entrepreneur and computer scientist. Prior to founding Neokami, studied Computational Science and Engineering at the Technical University of Munich and worked as a machine learning software developer at several start-ups. Ozel has 17 years of algorithm design, coding and implementation experience.

Reuben Vandeventer

Founder & CEO Data Clairvoyance

Mr. Vandeventer has been driving progress and helping to shape the data space for more than a decade, across many industries including Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Insurance and Asset Management. His background in science, statistics and finance has created a robust foundation to create real economic value for organizations in new and innovative ways.

Deborah Himsel

President Himsel & and Associates

Deborrah M. Himsel is a recognized expert in leadership development, a change agent, a thought leader, an author, an educator and executive coach…a sought-after speaker for conferences and workshops.

William D. Gilbride, Jr.

Managing Shareholder and CEO at Abbott Nicholson

Bill has over 30 years of experience representing business interests in contracts, business and corporate law, dispute avoidance and resolution, real estate, zoning and land use law. Bill has been approved as outside counsel for Ascension Health; Amazon; Kettering University; Northern Trust Bank; Rockwell Automation; SmithGroupJJR; St John Providence Health System; and US Bank.

David G. Trimm

Chief Information Officer at The Wendy's Company

Mr. Trimm joined The Wendy’s Company in July, 2015 as the Chief Information Officer. Prior to joining the Company, Mr. Trimm worked for The Hertz Corporation from 2001 to 2015 where he was Executive VP and CIO as well working in a variety of technology, marketing and operations leadership roles on both sides of the Atlantic.

Tommy Marzella

Chief Marketing Advisor

Tommy Marzella has 8+ years of experience in marketing and communications strategy with a specialization in rapid growth for SaaS organizations. He currently serves as a Portfolio Marketing Manager with OnShift, a cloud-based human capital management software company. Prior to OnShift, he was the Director, Marketing Communications for Sterling Talent Solutions, where he directed the global content strategy for all brands and regions.

Mark Sharland

Global Technology Leader at Amazon

CIO / CTO with significant experience and a strong track record of developing solutions, defining strategy, building effective teams and supporting mission critical systems, predominantly in Financial Services.

Kyle Scott

Vice President, Finance at HercRentals

Current Vice President of Finance and former CFO of Hertz Europe, Kyle is a leader in driving sales and operationalresults with data.

Tristan Blakely

Founder, Dreamtek & Partner at The Virtual Forge

Tech entrepreneur specialising in providing data-centric solutions for large enterprise & StartUps leveragingArtificial Intelligence & Machine Learning