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Rethinking Data Platforms As Inputs & Outputs

Having worked in a handful of marketing departments, we collect a lot of data. From customer engagements with our campaigns to monthly recurring revenue on our products, we’re constantly collecting numbers, downloads, segments, personas, engagements and even IP addresses of those finding their way into online spaces. With all of the data collected, it’s easy to think of a data as just another field we have to complete. But, if we take a step back, we can take a new approach: data as inputs and, more importantly, as strategic outputs.

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5 Tips For Starting Your Data Strategy In The Travel Industry

With the profound amount of data collection platforms and services offered, every brand I interact with has the unique ability to watch my story with their brand as I choose to write it. As brands begin to piece my story together, they’ll be able to serve exceptional, rave-worthy experiences uniquely customized to even my most subtle preferences.

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Why is Data Only Important After the Deal Closes?

In an increasingly data-driven world, and M&A strategy being driven by the need to accelerate technological innovation we need to evolve how we value target acquisitions. The quality and comprehensiveness of our pre-close due diligence should incorporate further dives beyond server counts and software licenses, to actual codebases, application schemas, and data quality audits.

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Why Every Organization Needs a Data Strategy...and How to Build One...

Every organization has data. Data is needed to run the business and to understand the customer base and marketplace. Data is Often referred to as an asset, but is never on the balance sheet - why not?

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Data Democratization Facilitates Enterprise Innovation

Ever looked at a spreadsheet or a report blankly lost in numbers? How about a chart or analysis that was visually pleasing but had little to no business context or simply just didn't make any sense? I have and am guilty of creating such monstrosities - and I'm allegedly a data person...why?

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